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Praise be to the Almighty Allah. Peace and blessings be to beloved Prophet, the leader of all prophets Hazrat Mohammad (SM), his family and his most beloved companions.

It is to be noted that Bangladesh it the second largest Muslim country in terms of its population after Indonesia misfortune is that the percentage of educated people is very low and numbering of them is around 50%. The majority of its populations are under the extreme poverty line. The total area of this country is 1,47,000 Sq. k.m.

Bangladesh belongs to a bright prestigious Islamic history from the very inception of prophetic light of beloved prophet Mohammad (SM), the flushing light of Islam pierce through this land at the very out set of its sparkle in the second half of 8th century AD with the spontaneous response to it. As a result the Islamic spirit rooted in the mind of its people.After the advent of Ikhtear Uddin Mohammad Bokhtear Khalzi as ruler of this country, the Islamic teaching spread in every corner of the country in beginning of 13th century. This movement was not prolonged due to British conspiracy and enmity against Islam and Muslim of this continent. The British East India Company launched the ethnic cleansing on Muslim in different shape and manner in order to establish a colony.

Not with standing, the thinkers and devoted Scholars from Muslim stand against the British colonizers and accelerated the spreading of Islamic teachings with establishing different institutes and organizations. By dint of their whole hearted effort, they could restore the lost morality, ethics, political consciousness, cultural flavour, religious feeling etc. in the mind of Muslims ignoring the bloodthirsty eyes of the British colonizers. Had not blessings of Almighty Allah upon Muslims, they could had destroyed.

The historic importance of Chittagong is more than the other part of the country because of its being the gate way of entering Islam in the country. Once its name was Islamabad. The reason is that the Arab traders anchored in Chittagong Port began their trade along with missionary activities. From this Port City, the teachings spread in the whole country and extended their mission to China even. In this way Chittagong is regarded as the Gate of Islam and becomes the focal point of Islamic Teachings.

Obaidia Islamic University Fatikchari took luminous place in the port city Chittagong. Its Islamic identity leads to achieve an splendid level covering the international standard even through its academic and extracurricular activities. The integrated educational system with the skilled combination of Islamic and general knowledge and sciences brought about a great fame in the country and abroad. The out put of this university is around 15 thousand students who obtained higher degree form this university in different discipline and scattered in all over the country rendering a great service to the nation in each level of nation building activities.

The achievements of this university is more that the expectation which have been occurred by the grace of Almighty Allah and benevolent cooperation of the persons from home and abroad. The university begins its journey to ahead in the year 1377 hizri in 1957 Ad in such condition when the religious teachings were so amalgamated, filled width Sirk and Bida’t, the whole appearance was perverted. In this upheaval situation, Obaidia Islamic University did not stop in any unfavorable atmosphere. From a lot of devotees one them namely Allama Sheikh Amir Uddin came forward to establish this institute in the turmoil period of the nation with the appearance of real Islamic teaching and spirit who responded to the call of Almighty. Prior to the death of Allama Amir Uddin, Allama Sultan Ahmed took the responsibility of administering the institute.

In this gradual process of discharging the administrative and academic responsibilities around 12 years before his death Allama Jamir Uddin one of his famous students and spiritual companion namely Allama Jamiur Uddin took the responsibility of the institute and it graded to university level under the control of his blessed hand. In this tenure he successfully leads the institute to the level of university, the culminating point of this day which is now filled with so much fruits with becoming the beckoning finger in the country.

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